Performance in the service of fun.
Windkarts are intended and designed to have a big dose of sportiness. Low weight combined with their ability to quickly change direction, make these vehicles extremely fun to drive.
This particular model has been integrally calculated considering the sail tester results (click on "The Sail Tester" button above), so respect the given dimentions and you will achieve two-wheel-drive after some practice…
Now you can build the windkart yourself with our comprehensive plans. We’ll give you the 3D CAD drawings and dimensions of every part that needs to be made, along with lists of materials, cutting lists and detailed building instructions. Everything you need to build your own windkart. Plans and instructions are clear and are very easy to follow. 

We have detailed every bar in the frame calling out all angles, dimensions and bend radius. There are 16 pages in total and are high quality C.A.D designs. They have been formatted to be read using adobe reader.
To make your project possible, you just need to know how to cut material to specified sizes, drill holes and fabricate the chassis and parts. To put the windkart together you are also going to need to know how to weld, but we assure you that once you start you won't see the hour to finish it and ride it..! 

We look forward to helping you with your project. If for any reason during construction you have a question, we are an e-mail away.

All photography on this site has been taken by us. Please respect our copyright to these images.

Disclaimer: Landsailing is a potentially dangerous sport. You are solely responsible for your own safety. Know your limitations, as well as those of your equipment. Regularly check the condition of your equipment
GET the WIND KART list of materials and cuttings, complete and detailed plans and very easy to follow building instructions (16 PDFs)

- USD 22 -
Are you looking for emotions ...? You found your WIND KART.
The manual include step-by-step progressive construction drawings with sub-assemblies, weldments, bending details, angles etc... Basically, you start at the beginning of the plans & work your way through step-by-step. Frame drawings show you how to start by making a tube base frame then progressively build upon that starting point. All materials are readily available worldwide.