Land Yacht build Plans

These detailed instructions will allow you to construct this land yacht in a few days. This is a great project for the do-it-yourself. The whole family can help in the construction and it will give everyone a feeling of ownership. And the best part: It’s very affordable to run!

The position of the rear wheels axles gives it a low center of gravity and very predictable cornering behavior. And as this land yacht has been integrally designed considering the sail tester results (click on “The Sail Tester” button above), it was calculated to have the best stability for beginners and family use.

You can easily build this land yacht yourself with these comprehensive plans. I’ll give you the 3D CAD drawings and dimensions of every part that needs to be made, along with lists of materials, cutting lists and detailed building instructions. Everything you need to build your own landyacht. Plans and instructions are clear and are very easy to follow.

These plans are high quality C.A.D designs (Autodesk-INVENTOR). They have been formatted to be read using adobe reader. It’s a simple but effective land sailer to build with basic materials. I think you will really enjoy building and riding it as well.

I look forward to helping you with your project. So if for any reason during construction you have a question, just e-mail me.

Get the Landyacht Build Plans

GET the Land Yacht complete and detailed construction plans, instructions and lists of materials (.pdf)

-U$S 22-

Feel the speed, just 10 cm off the ground..

The manual include step-by-step progressive construction drawings with sub-assemblies, weldments, angles etc… Basically, you start at the beginning of the plans & work your way through step-by-step. Frame drawings show you how to start by making a tube base frame and then progressively build upon that starting point.

All materials are readily available worldwide. Tube notches are NOT needed to build the frame (they are all straight cuts). Lathe work is NOT needed for this project.